IBPO 673 is part of a much larger organization called Service Employees International Union (SEIU)/ National Association of Government Employees (NAGE). The organization overall represents approximately 2 million members across the nation, covering sectors in law enforcement, healthcare, and other public sector employment. In the link below you will find 28 pages of discounts/benefits offered to IBPO 673 members anything from rental cars to cell phone service.

Member Benefits-PDF

Member Benefits- Website

IBPO 673 Members greatest benefit is a Local representation. Both the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office and the Chattanooga Police Department have representation from individuals that are working by your side daily. Your elected executive board is constantly fighting for a seat at the table with decision makers throughout our organizations. Building relationships based on trust and transparency that is unmatched by any other employee representation in this area. Further, our leadership has established and built relationships with outside agencies. This includes the Tennessee Highway Patrol, Red Bank Police Department, Collegedale Police Department, Lookout Mountain Public Safety and others. Building community is important when resources need to be combined to give our members the best advantage in times of need.